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Transportation and Logistics (Aviation, Automotive)

The transportation sector is a significant contributor to global emissions, and these emissions are now increasingly being included as part of both voluntary and mandatory reporting. From automotive to aviation, Lucideon auditors have extensive experience across all industry sectors.



Why Lucideon?

  • we have a strong track record in certification/verification
  • our auditors have undertaken training with relevant authorities including IATA's Training and Development Institute
  • we have worked with international carriers to monitor their emissions
  • we have been providing independent certification/verification for over 30 years
  • you will be appointed a dedicated lead auditor, who understands your industry and your concerns, and who will act as your single point of contact


Lucideon offers verification services for voluntary emissions reporting (e.g. CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project).

Voluntary reporting market

Whether for carbon footprinting, CSR, sustainability or energy reduction purposes, Lucideon has long been involved in the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • total fuel burn or for certain eligible flights
  • assessment of passenger offsetting schemes
  • airport carbon footprint
  • carbon footprint verification of groundworks (offices, support services, etc)


Working with most major automotive manufacturers, our verifiers understand the specific emission sources associated with this industry.

Additionally, following involvement with certain schemes where production detail is verified (and not just fuel combustion), our automotive verifiers have a detailed knowledge of the production process itself – something which is extremely important when relating a carbon footprint to a specific production unit(s).

Mobile emissions for voluntary reporting

The monitoring of mobile emissions often forms a key part of an organization’s carbon footprint; vehicle fleets can number into the thousands and can, consequently, be the major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

To verify these emissions takes a pragmatic and robust sampling strategy – Lucideon verifiers understand and keep up-to-date with all the major carbon footprint reporting methodologies, such as those adopted by the Carbon Trust and The Climate Registry.

In providing the complete picture for mobile source emissions verification, our experts have an excellent working knowledge of the latest:

  • emissions factors
  • biofuel implications
  • owned vs. leased scope guidance


In this ever demanding and global industry, service delivery is a high priority and time management is of the essence. At Lucideon, our experienced auditors provide a comprehensive range of certification services to a wide range of clients, including logistics companies, who provide storage, delivery and other associated services in support of the supply chain.

Areas of delivery include:

  • transport and distribution – transport via pipelines, cargo handling, storage and associated service supporting land transport activities
  • wholesale & retail trade – wholesale of china and glassware, wallpaper, wood, construction materials, sanitary equipment and other wholesale