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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Good for the environment and good for business

With growing legislation and consequent enforcement by government agencies the environment is at the top of the agenda for most companies. At Lucideon we provide certification of your company's environmental management system to ISO 14001 in an efficient and cost-effective manner, in line with your business objectives.



The Standard

ISO 14001 is the national and international recognised standard for environmental management. The standard provides a framework and guidance on the management of the environmental aspects and risk of your businesses activities, allowing you to work to continually improve your processes to both reduce environmental impact and increase profitability.

The Benefits

With the future of the environment having become a prominent global issue to consumers and governments, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are good for business:

  • Proof of a responsible approach to the environment can influence a buyer's purchasing decision.
  • Environmentally-aware organizations prefer to do business with like-minded companies who can demonstrate a commitment through internationally recognised standards such as ISO 14001.
  • Including an EMS can improve your overall existing management system, positioning your business to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.
  • An EMS can help your business to make better use of energy, recycle waste more efficiently and improve raw material selection - helping you to reduce costs.
  • Having an ISO 14001 certified EMS provides a framework for the identification and management of environmental risk.
  • ISO 14001 integrates with other important certification standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Why Lucideon?

  • Specialist auditors who have extensive knowledge of both the environment and the technical and regulatory aspects affecting your industry and your business.
  • A focus on continual improvement through risk and processed based audits.
  • Management of integration with other certification standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, and other product conformity schemes.
  • Two-way communication - we work with you to ensure that the certification process is efficient, cost-effective and meets your business objectives.

Regular Lucideon assessment will help and assist you to monitor and improve the effectiveness of both your management system and processes, improving reliability and overall performance.