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Building and Construction

In the building and construction sector, there is a constant need for conformity to National, European or International standards.

For Management System Certification, whether it relates to Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety, this is key to ensuring the demand for quality products is met.

Lucideon has a long, successful history in this sector, and was involved in Quality Management System implementation from an early stage. Our experienced assessment team provides Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Product Conformity certification to a wide range of clients.



Lucideon is also a nominated body under the Construction Products Directive and can provide Factory Production Control Certification for masonry related products and the production of asphalt.

Lucideon is a major provider of certification services for the UK heavy clay industry, providing both management system certification and product conformity licences. This includes Lucideon clients who also carry out a range of installation activities in the ceramic and refractory industries, as well as manufactured products including masonry units, tiles & construction products, cutting, shaping and finishing of stone.

For GHG Verification, the construction and building products sector, as a large user of energy, has been involved with emissions regulations and the active pursuit of CO2 reduction for many years. Lucideon has a long history in the construction materials sector, largely due to early involvement in the Climate Change Agreements from 2001 onwards. Since that time, Lucideon has developed verification protocols which are ideally suited to these sectors.

The industries that form part of the construction materials sector can be complex, both in terms of number of sites, and in the type of emissions produced (e.g. complex fuels, process emissions, large sites, large emissions totals). Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of these industries, our auditors can minimise the impact on your time when visiting sites and in subsequent data verification.

For those industries involved in the regulated market - such as EU ETS, ESOS or MCR - Lucideon works with the relevant agencies and accreditation bodies to keep our clients ahead of the game on verification issues. Lucideon is now working with these same industries to determine the carbon footprint of products to be used on product packaging labels, etc.