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Case Study

Lucideon Assures Ibstock’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Ibstock is the UK’s leading brick manufacturer, with factories nationwide, over 500 different bricks and rainscreen cladding systems and with a total annual capacity in excess of 900 million bricks.

The challenge

Ibstock had already become the first UK brick industry to achieve ISO 14001 across all its brick manufacturing sites for its Environmental Management System (EMS) but wished to strengthen its position as a leader in sustainable practice by achieving ISO 50001 certification for its Energy Management System (EnMS).

What we delivered

Lucideon initially assessed Ibstock’s innovative ‘Centre of Excellence’ factory in Birtley, County Durham towards the end of 2013. The assessment, which consisted of two site visits to verify the existence of a suitable EnMS and its effective implementation and maintenance, resulted in Ibstock successfully receiving certification.

Subsequently Lucideon went on to assess the rest of Ibstock’s 18 sites in May 2014. The assessment took place at a selection of sample sites, during which energy significant users were visited. These included, metering points and major items of equipment as well as control points and maintenance areas. Once again Ibstock met all the requirements and achieved ISO 50001 certification.

Value to the client

Achieving certification means that Ibstock is now also the first UK brick manufacturer to achieve the ISO 50001 standard and, as such, is able to highlight its commitment to sustainable practice and continual improvement.

Tim Watts, Operations Manager, Assurance at Lucideon says:

“Not only has securing ISO 50001 certification helped Ibstock to monitor and reduce its own carbon footprint but this reduction is also passed onto its customers, helping them in turn to reduce their own environmental impact of their supply chain. Accredited certification to ISO 50001 is also supporting Ibstock’s compliance with the UK Government’s new ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) requirement”.

Like many other companies Ibstock are using the ISO 50001 certification route with Lucideon as the cleanest route to compliance with ESOS before the December 2015 deadline. Ibstock is now also able to use the prestigious Lucideon ISO 50001 assurance mark to promote its sustainability practices.