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Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems - Auditing & Certification

A single management system to run your business, prioritise risk and focus on your objectives

With an ever increasing number of certificates issued worldwide, integrated certification becomes a must for any company wishing to improve efficiency of their management systems. At Lucideon, thanks to our extensive experience of quality, environment and health and safety systems and certification, we can offer integrated certification, helping you to reduce effort, time and the cost of complying with current standards.



Which Standards are included?

ISO 9001 remains the globally recognised standard for Quality Management and, as a result of raised public awareness and increasing legislation, ISO 14001 has become the fastest growing environmental certification standard in the world. This, together with the emergence of the occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001, has put increased pressure on business management systems.

The Benefits

The business benefits brought by integrating your systems result in a significant improvement in effectiveness and efficiency:

  • A single management system running your business and focusing on your objectives.
  • The ability to prioritise risks to the business as a whole rather than concentrating on specific quality, environmental or health & safety issues.
  • A system based on continual improvement and risk focused, assisting in the mitigation of identified risk and focus on meeting strategic objectives.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The duplication of core activities is eliminated.
  • Documentation is simplified and reduced.
  • Integrated certification results in decreased disruption to your business, eliminating duplication of audit activity and fewer audits.
  • There is an improved communication flow and recognition and understanding of responsibilities and interrelationships.

Why Lucideon?

  • Experienced auditors who have extensive knowledge of your industry.
  • Our team has experience in all standards, ensuring that there is no weak link in the certification service we provide.
  • Regular surveillance visits to assist in continual improvement, maintenance of monitoring systems and measurement of performance.
  • Two-way communication – we work with you to ensure that your integrated management system achieves certification quickly and cost-effectively.