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Mining and Quarrying

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable audit team covers a wide range of certification services including Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety, delivering a high level service to our clients who mine and quarry raw materials across the world.

The extraction and refining of mined and quarried minerals involves many processes, some more relevant to specific products. Mining and quarrying involves converting naturally occurring materials, often in complex deposits, into consistent, reliable raw materials for use in other industries.

Lucideon clients extract and process an extensive range of raw materials, including clay, sand, limestone, potash and other minerals. A significant number of these are supplied into the ceramic and refractory industries also serviced by Lucideon, giving us a unique opportunity to certify the whole supply chain from extraction to final product.

Additionally Lucideon has grown a significant business in verifying GHG emissions and certifying energy use in this sector, where sites are often remote and can have complex fuel inventories.

Areas of delivery include:

  • quarry stone
  • limestone
  • gypsum
  • chalk
  • minerals
  • slate, sand, gravel and clay
  • mining clays, kaolin
  • chemical and fertiliser minerals