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Case Study

Lucideon Verifies RNC's Energy Performance Calculator

The Environmental Business Team at Groundwork Derby and Derbyshire (GDD) helps SMEs throughout Derbyshire to cut their costs, improve their environmental performance, and ensure that their businesses are as sustainable as possible.

The Resource Navigator Club (RNC) was set up by GDD, Gerrard Associates and T4 Sustainability, to help businesses to reduce their consumption of resources (including electricity, gas, office consumables, raw materials), and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

The challenge

As part of the initiative, an Environmental Performance Spreadsheet was developed to provide businesses with a tool to establish, monitor and evaluate their consumption of energy, fuel and other resources, in order to calculate their carbon footprint.

What we delivered

As the UK's leading independent GHG verifier, Lucideon CICS provides environmental assurance (carbon, water and waste verification) for both the regulated market (EU ETS) and for those companies who wish to voluntarily declare their emissions. As such, they are well placed to verify ‘carbon calculators', such as the RNC's Environmental Performance Spreadsheet.

A Lucideon lead verifier worked with the RNC to ensure that their energy performance calculator was capturing the right sort of data, and that the calculation conformed to ISO 14064-1.

Value to the client

Accuracy is paramount with emissions reporting - the data that feeds into a carbon footprint should be valid and reliable so that an organisation can have confidence in its reduction strategy (carbon, water and waste), and its impact on the environment. By using Lucideon, the Resource Navigator Club could be sure that its carbon calculator was accurate. Independent verification of this kind also ensures that an organization can prove to its clients that its data is valid and meaningful.

Nick Gerrard, Gerrard Associates, said:

"Working with Lucideon was terrific. The whole process was extremely well organised and we all felt that undergoing independent verification really added a lot of value to what we were trying to do as a group; David, our dedicated verifier, came up with a lot of suggestions as to how we could improve the Environmental Performance Spreadsheet. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucideon as independent verifiers."