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Ceramics, Glass and Refractories

We offer a full range of ISO certification and GHG verification services.

As the global demand for ceramic products and technology increases, clients with effective management systems find that the resulting improvement in reliability, coupled with the focus on controlled monitoring of processes, gives them a competitive edge.

From traditional ceramics, such as tableware and sanitaryware, to advanced technical ceramics, that find use in industries as diverse as aerospace and medical devices, Lucideon's certification clients include manufacturers, suppliers, installers and end users.



We provide Global Corporate Certification for some of the market leaders in this industry, using a highly knowledgeable team to deliver a consistent level of service across the world.

All services are backed by expert support and testing services from our parent company Lucideon Limited, one of the leading testing facilities in the UK.

As an energy-intensive operation, glass and ceramics manufacture is part of mandatory CO2 reporting. In addition, being able to report on independently verified greenhouse gas emissions, also enables producers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by showing their clients where CO2 reductions are taking place. Lucideon has long been associated with the glass industry, providing practical verification services for all sectors of the industry.

At Lucideon CICS Limited, through our involvement with our parent company, Lucideon Limited, a world leading glass refractory consultancy, we know that glassmaking, whether it be float, container, borosilicate, electronic or speciality glass, is a highly competitive business. Having a good and robust verification process, supplied by verifiers who know your industry, ensures that your emissions data is accurate, consistent and reliable - a necessity for carbon trading and for feeding into energy reduction strategies and sustainability reports.

The demand for ceramic products and technology is increasing globally and clients with effective management systems are finding that the improvement in reliability, coupled with the focus on controlled monitoring of processes, is improving their competitive edge.

Lucideon covers the full spectrum of refractory products and services, from manufacturers, suppliers and installers, through to end users. We also provide certification services for many raw material suppliers, giving us a unique opportunity to certify the whole supply chain, from extraction to final product.

Using our knowledgeable and professional assessors we pride ourselves on a consistently high level of service.

Lucideon's experienced assessment team covers a range of certification services including Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety to both traditional and advanced refractory manufacturers around the world. We provide individual site and Global Corporate Certification to a number of market leaders in this industry.

Areas of delivery include:

  • ceramics: refractory and non-refractory ceramic products including, household, ornamental articles, sanitary fixtures, ceramic insulators, technical ceramic products, ceramic tiles and flags
  • heavy Clay: Bricks, tiles and construction products, cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
  • glass: Glass and glass products including flat & hollow glass, glass fibres and other glass, including technical glassware
  • frits & Abrasives: Abrasive products and non-metallic mineral products
  • refractory goods
  • insulators and insulating fittings
  • technical refractory products

Lucideon can help unravel the complexities of CO2 emissions, providing a practical verification service and saving valuable management time. Expertise in this sector includes:

  • usage of complex fuel mixes
  • understanding of furnace types and operation
  • determination of process emissions (in addition to combustion emissions)
  • calculations of material usage, stoichiometry
  • verification of recycled glass content