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Food and Beverages

When it comes to GHG emissions verification and certification, the food and beverage sector is quite distinct from other manufacturing sectors, thanks to the scope of regulated schemes, its unique production processes and the complexity of its supply chain. Lucideon auditors have detailed knowledge of a wide range of food sectors, ensuring that your verification/certification process is both time and cost-efficient.



There are, in fact, several reasons why food and beverage manufacturing installations need special treatment:

  • some processes are outside the scope of the regulated schemes and thus need to be carefully excluded from emissions calculations
  • food and beverage installations often have carefully maintained ambient and sterile conditions which have separate emissions and energy use of their own (including fugitive)
  • the supply chain and distribution network for food products is often complex
  • food processing, brewing and distilling often use specialised equipment involving both electricity, for driving processes, and electricity/ gas for heating and cooling

Lucideon verifiers also have experience of the following industry sectors, which often have additional requirements to the traditional food and beverage sectors:

  • brewing
  • dairy industry
  • distilling
  • frozen goods
  • malting
  • vegetable growing and processing