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ISO 45001

Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001 Certification

Health and safety management - protect your work force and reduce risk

Showing that you comply with a recognised health and safety standard by running an efficient health and safety management system, not only demonstrates your commitment to controlling risks and identifying hazards but also proves your credibility as an employee-focused, responsible business.



Lucideon auditors have been auditing ISO 45001 since its inception; they can guide you through the assessment process, making the whole process time-efficient and cost-effective.

Lucideon CICS has been accredited by UKAS for its ISO 45001 certification service.

The Standard

ISO 45001 is a recognised international assessment specification for occupational health and safety management systems.

ISO 45001 now focuses more on top management leadership and has been aligned with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The Benefits

  • Promote a safe and healthy working environment and continual improvement
  • Address changing legislation aid compliance
  • Protect workforce - identification and control of health and safety risks
  • Structured strategic framework to allow you to design risk out of your processes
  • Reduce potential for accidents; less accident investigation
  • Improve operational effectiveness and performance; less down time
  • Reduced costs; less damage to plant and equipment; potential to reduce insurance premiums

Why Lucideon?

  • Our experienced NEBOSH (National Examination Board – Occupational Safety & Health) qualified lead auditors will guide you through the assessment process
  • All IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) members, many of our auditors have over 10 years experience of auditing occupational health and safety management systems and were involved in some of the first ever ISO 45001 assessments
  • Our auditors have extensive experience across a wide range of industry sectors
  • Risk and processed based audits are focused on continual improvement, not just paper work
  • We discuss and agree your audit schedule to focus on areas you consider beneficial as well as selecting some areas of our own to maintain objectivity and all accreditation requirements
  • Thanks to our knowledge of quality and environmental certification standards, we can supply seamless integration of ISO 45001 with these
  • Two-way communication – we work with you to ensure that certification is an efficient and cost-effective process as possible and aligns with your business objectives