ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Certification

Energy management - monitor, reduce, save.

With the cost of energy (electricity, gas, oil) rising, proactive energy management is becoming a necessity for most organizations. Add to that the environmental benefits from such a focus, for example the reduction in carbon emissions and the limiting of environmental impact, and it's easy to see why the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Standard is being welcomed by organizations worldwide.

We have just introduced 2 new ISO 50001 services!

ISO 50001 Top Level Awareness Session
Just embarking on the path to an energy management system (EnMS)? Unsure “IF” you need to or “WHEN” to take the scheme further? These new interactive sessions give you the opportunity to find out more about the standards leading to certification.

ISO 50001 ‘Lite’ Assessment
Feeling daunted in the race to certification? Our new ‘Lite’ assessment allows you to make a robust assessment against the principles of ISO 50001 without needing to commit to a full accredited assessment.

Certification to ISO 50001 and the structured routine assessment provided by Lucideon will ensure your Energy Management System is maintained and effectively monitored, thereby improving the effectiveness of your energy management system and your processes.

The Standard

ISO 50001 is the new international energy management standard. It provides a framework and guidance to monitor, manage and potentially reduce your energy consumption.

The Benefits

  • Measuring and monitoring energy consumption by having an EnMS will assist you in finding ways to use energy more efficiently, thereby potentially reducing costs.
  • Identifying your energy sources and usage helps you to limit future risk and determine alternative sources.
  • Managing energy and GHG emissions will have a positive impact on your organization's carbon footprint, enabling you to take the first steps in complying with any future legislation.
  • Focusing on energy management promotes new energy-efficient product/ technologies development.
  • Dedicated energy management proves to your stakeholders that you are committed to improving efficiency and limiting your organization's impact on the environment.
  • Proof of a responsible approach to the environment can influence a buyer's purchasing decision.
  • Environmentally-aware organizations prefer to do business with like-minded companies who can demonstrate a commitment through internationally recognised standards such as ISO 50001.
  • Having a structured approach to energy engages employees, leading to better energy efficiency.
  • Including an Energy Management System can improve your overall existing management system, positioning your business to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.
  • ISO 50001 integrates with other important certification standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Why Lucideon?

  • Specialist auditors who have extensive knowledge of energy-intensive industries and of the environment.
  • A focus on continual improvement through risk and processed based audits.
  • Management of integration with other certification standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and other product conformity schemes.
  • Two-way communication - we work with you to ensure that the certification process is efficient, cost-effective and meets your business objectives.

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    Lucideon’s Quick Guide to ISO 50001, the New Energy Management System Standard

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    Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

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