Business Policy

Policy Intent

This Policy is intended to formally demonstrate the commitment of Lucideon towards an effective Business Management System.  The Managing Director, together with the Management Team, has established this Policy to create a sense of direction and set the principles for the business.  This Policy will be used in future for setting objectives to assist all levels in leading the business towards improvement of our performance and enhancement of client and stakeholder satisfaction.

The Policy

It is Lucideon's policy to provide all its customers and stakeholders with, impartial and professional certification and verification services that provide a high level of confidence and that any certification, verification or service provided by Lucideon as a minimum fully meets all the specified requirements of employees, stakeholders, customers and the public.

Our objective is always to exceed the expectations of stakeholders and our customers by applying our distinct competencies of knowledge, communication and ability to react to all we do.

Compliance with the requirements defined in relevant standards ISO 17021 and ISO 14065 and associated guidance is the foundation of our business.

Lucideon has a worldwide reputation built on its reliability, independence and integrity in all of the services provided. To maintain this reputation we have processes in place to ensure we provide a transparent service that avoids any conflict of interest, delivers compliance with applicable laws and regulations, within a working environment where ethical conduct is recognised and valued.

This Policy is periodically reviewed and published within the Lucideon Business Management System Manual. It is openly available to all employees and subcontractors and is publicly available upon request.

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