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BES 6001

BES 6001 Standard for Responsible Sourcing

Show how your products are responsibly sourced

With the ever increasing focus by clients and governments, manufacturers are under continuing pressure to demonstrate the responsible sourcing of materials used in the manufacturing process.

Lucideon is one of a few bodies to have been licensed by the BRE to provide an assessment service against the requirements of BES 6001.



The Standard

The BRE Environmental & Sustainability Standard BES 6001 has been prepared and published to provide a framework for the assessment of responsible sourcing and to give a route to certification.

The standard specifies requirements for organizational management, supply chain management and management of sustainability issues, in order to allow organizations to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of responsible sourcing in relation to the provision of a specific construction product.

The requirements of this standard provide a framework against which all construction products may be assessed (construction products and products with similar or related material supply chains).

The Benefits

Using BES 6001 as a framework to manage and ensure the component materials of your products are sourced responsibly can lead to:

  • Reduced costs - minimising the consumption of materials, energy and other business resources can improve productivity, in turn raising your profit margins.
  • Reduced business risks with clear policies and objectives - potential financial benefits from increased shareholder trust, supply chain commitment and increased management involvement can be gained.
  • A competitive edge – the ability to satisfy environmental management requirements of customers plus the ability to develop new products in a low carbon driven market.
  • Improved ability to comply with energy efficiency legislation & GHG emission reduction legislation.
  • Greater credibility – “Greenbooklive” entry and Green credits for your customers.
  • Increased staff commitment – integration with existing management systems and increased participation.
  • In addition to the benefits identified above being independently certified by Lucideon against the requirements of BES 6001 adds credibility to you responsible sourcing claims.

Why Lucideon?

  • Being independently certified by Lucideon against the requirements of BES 6001 adds credibility to your responsible sourcing claims.
  • Our professional auditors, with experience in your industry, will work with you to achieve satisfactory completion of the assessment process.
  • All members of our auditing team have extensive experience in the construction industry and related manufacturing industries, coupled with knowledge of sustainability and emissions programmes.