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Verification Services

At Lucideon CICS, we offer independent verification of greenhouse gas (GHG)/carbon emissions and other sustainability data for both voluntary and mandatory reporting schemes.

Verification ensures that your data is:

  • accurate
  • valid
  • complete
  • consistent
  • transparent



Why verify?

  • necessary for regulated schemes, such as the EU ETS Scheme which will affect aircraft operators.
  • required for voluntary reporting programs.
  • it can form part of an overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or sustainability strategy, lending credibility to your data.
  • verification can help you to build your GHG inventory and understand your carbon footprint.
  • it will ensure that emissions monitoring is accurate, enabling a benchmark for current and future carbon management strategies, including reduction, compliance with new legislation and carbon trading opportunities

Why independent, third-party verification?

  • it is a must for regulated and mandatory reporting schemes.
  • independent verification is a key discriminator of real commitment and action, giving both your business and your emissions data credibility.
  • it satisfies stakeholder's demands for accuracy, validity, materiality and transparency.
  • it paves the way for inclusion in emissions offsetting schemes; an accurate emissions number is critical, especially if you are striving towards Carbon Net Zero or Carbon Neutral status

Our services: