Chemicals, Chemical Products, Pharmaceuticals and Fibres

At Lucideon, our auditors have extensive experience of providing quality, environmental and health and safety certification to the chemical production and processing and related industries.

We also provide certification to the ceramic and refractory industries, which a significant number of our chemical clients supply into, meaning that we are able to certify the whole supply chain from raw material to final product, including:

  • Manufacture of organic & inorganic basic chemicals
  • Dyes, pigments and paints
  • Varnishes and similar coatings
  • Printing inks
  • Mastics

The worldwide chemical industry is already acclaimed as one of the leading sectors in reducing the emissions from its manufacturing processes. Highly energy intensive, the industry has both adopted voluntary measures and adhered to legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Lucideon offers GHG verification for regulatory, legislative, sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting purposes.

Our verifiers visit chemical manufacturing plants ranging from relatively small installations making speciality chemicals, through to huge petrochemical plants. Being skilled chemists and engineers, they understand how these sites operate and are also aware of the additional health and safety requirements when on site, thus reducing your risk.

Lucideon verifiers operating in the chemicals sector understand process flow and energy accounting and can quickly get to grips with even the most complex sites, saving you time and effort in teaching them basic principles.

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