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Management Team

Shaun Bainbridge

Director of Lucideon CICS Limited

Expertise in: ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) Assurance, Mandatory and Voluntary carbon reporting; management systems certification.

Shaun is a chemist by training and holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Chemistry from Lancaster University. He is a Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He also holds a certificate and a diploma in company direction from the Institute of Directors (IOD).

Shaun Bainbridge


An established Lead Auditor with an excellent working knowledge of both regulated and voluntary Sustainability Reporting schemes (including CDP, GRI, GRESB, UKETS, EUETS, OFGEM), Shaun now manages the commercial business of Lucideon CICS and is often the first point of contact for many clients, especially those in the new emerging markets.

Shaun sits on several committees and working groups relating to ESG and GHG verification including the governmental advisory Emissions Trading Group (ETG), the OEUK (Offshore Energy UK) and heads the partnership with CDP (Formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). Shaun is also a regular contributor to various environmental and sustainability publications and white papers where he has authored work on assurance topics. He delivers webinars and seminars on sustainability assurance and carbon reporting.

Shaun has authored many papers on verification topics for publications including Aviation and The Environment, Trading Carbon and Routes News. He regularly delivers webinars and seminars on sustainability assurance and carbon reporting.

Regulated Reporting – EU/UK Emissions Trading Scheme, SECR and OFGEM ROC/RHI reporting

Shaun plays a key role in servicing Lucideon CICS' large client base under these mandatory reporting schemes. He has an excellent working knowledge of the scope and detail of the schemes and their application at the organization level including the pragmatic application of verification and assurance. Shaun managed the setting up of the subsidiary Lucideon CICS Ireland Limited in 2021 to enable Lucideon to continue trading in the EU following Brexit with a separate accreditation.

Voluntary Reporting - CDP, GRI, GRESB, ISO14064, WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, ISAE 3000 , ISSA 5000

The market for voluntary ESG reporting and assurance is growing exponentially and the ESG aspects of an annual report are now examined as closely as the financial data. Shaun has worked with Lucideon clients using all the major reporting methodologies worldwide listed above and works with his team to design pragmatic and robust approaches to reporting on these platforms.

Shaun sees the independent assurance of clients' sustainability data as the 'step change' in reporting.