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Tableware and Tiles - Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis of Tableware and Tiles

Lucideon can perform both extensive testing to predict and reduce failure risks in application, and root cause identification analysis of failures if they occur in use. Lucideon’s team of ceramic process engineers can analyse a client’s production line, identify the root causes, and suggest remedial actions.

Tableware Failure Analysis


Testing capabilities

For product conformity, quality control, safety, performance, and legislative reasons, we offer testing of ceramic floor and wall tiles to a wide range of UK, European, and International Standards in our UKAS-accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013).

In addition, we provide testing of tile adhesives and grouts to UK and European Standards, in particular the EN 12004 and EN 13888 quality standards.

CE Marking of tiles and tile adhesives, and benchmarking

We are a Notified Body for type testing of tiles and tile adhesives for CE marking against the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

All the tests that Lucideon can conduct on tiles and ancillary products can be utilised to benchmark any applicable product versus any other similar product. This can be a competitor's product or simply a comparison of the client's own products.


Failure analysis and root cause investigation services at Lucideon

  • fracture, fatigue, and rupture diagnosis and microstructure investigation
  • characterisation of surfaces and coatings
  • identification and root cause of contamination
  • evaluation of process issues and process optimisation
  • chemical, physical, mineralogical, and thermal analysis
  • accelerated performance testing to predict failures
  • 3D-Strain – digital imaging technologies to characterise strains during testing

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