Dental Technologies

Lucideon has developed several technologies for the dental industry:

Inorganic Controlled Release Technologies

Inorganic controlled release technology (iCRT) is a silica-based encapsulation and delivery platform.  iCRT has drug abuse deterrent applications; oral products that use iCRT retain their controlled-release properties during conventional tampering methods such as chewing, crushing and heating, unlike many other tamper-resistant techniques.  It also finds applications in poorly soluble drugs, injectable drug delivery and consumer healthcare products.

Bioactive Materials

Inorganic ion doping of glasses and ceramics for better biological responses, such as: porous soluble glasses to stimulate cell-induced re-mineralization of dentine; porous insoluble powders for enhanced restoration to tooth bonding; phase-separated glass powders for glass ionomer cement restorations.

Toughened Ceramics

FS (Flash Sintering) is a low-energy ceramic processing technology, based on the application of an electric field to the ceramic body during sintering.  Lucideon is the first company in the world to commercialize this innovative technology that reduces sintering time and temperature, thereby enabling significant increases in throughput alongside large energy savings, as well as enabling the use of alternative materials.  Manipulation of the parameters also allows for control and tailoring of the material’s microstructure, providing an opportunity to develop superior ceramics products and coatings for design and performance benefits.

Polymer-Ceramic Hybrids

Unlocking the properties of the two materials to create new applications and products, we develop and optimize composite processing technologies, including materials selection, to tailor mechanical properties and biodegradation rate. We have expertise in the development of bioresorbable composites.

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