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Environment Agency Technical Guidance Note 04 (LFTGN04) - Test Method


Sampling and analysis of raw gas from landfill sites, producing methane, to determine that the concentration of the minor gaseous contaminants in the gas is below the limits listed in the guidance note.  This monitoring exercise should be carried out annually on all landfill sites.

Applications and Benefits

Landfill operators are able to show that the gaseous emissions from their landfill site meet the acceptable concentration limits, listed in the document, for reporting to the environment agency. Lucideon can provide both UKAS ISO 17025 accredited sampling but also the analysis for all of the compounds listed in the guidance note for seamless service.

Form of Results

Reporting of the concentration of each component listed in the guidance note in µg/m3. The site and sampling conditions will also be reported if Lucideon has performed the sampling.

Similar Tests for Other Applications

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