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Test Method

Dense Shaped Refractories - Permanent Change in Dimensions on Heating - Test Method - BS EN 993-10:1998, BS 1902-5.10:1998


Methods of test for dense shaped refractory products. Determination of permanent change in dimensions on heating.


Permanent linear change in dimensions on heating is the expansion or contraction that remains in a shaped refractory product that is heated to a specified temperature for a specified time and then cooled to ambient temperature.


Test pieces in the shape of rectangular prisms or cylinders are cut from each brick or item, then dried, and their linear dimensions or volume are measured.

The test pieces are heated in a furnace having an oxidizing atmosphere at a prescribed rate to a specified temperature, which is maintained for a specified time. After cooling to ambient temperature, the measurements on the test pieces are repeated, and the permanent change in dimensions or volume is calculated.


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