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Gleeble Testing

Gleeble Testing

We offer Gleeble thermal-mechanical physical simulation testing, being the only ISO 17025 compliant laboratory in North America to offer the service on a toll basis. Working with our experienced staff can reduce the development and qualification cycles required to move products from R&D into production.

Gleeble testing allows physical simulation at the laboratory-scale, allowing a cost-effective and timely way of characterizing materials and studying their metallurgical properties across a range of processing conditions and treatments. Gleeble analysis has applications in optimizing current materials, developing new products and applications, particularly in verifying the properties and effectiveness of welding or joining operations.

The development of new high temperature and high strength alloys is at the core of enabling efficiencies in the aviation industry. These material advances are facilitated through the use of thermal-mechanical simulations, such as Gleeble, which allow the characterization of properties including hot ductility, flow stress and weldability.

Samples of materials are heated and mechanically worked while various performance parameters of interest are measured and recorded for analysis. After the simulation or test is done, the microstructure of the material may be examined. Thanks to our wide-ranging suite of testing capabilities we are able to offer comprehensive data and analysis to enable you to realize your objectives:

  • Lowering costs - reducing product development, processing and energy costs
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes - developing new procedures and troubleshooting existing processes
  • Optimizing materials - characterizing new materials and applications
  • Increasing production - reducing scrap and maximizing output and efficiency
  • Faster product development - reducing time to market and R&D expense
  • Improving product quality - improving product consistency and quality

Lucideon has the experience to provide not only testing services but also materials engineering consultancy to fully support all aspects of your development program to your specific timeline.