• Supporting the construction life cycle: project definition/development, construction process and close-out, facilities management and asset maintenance
  • Working with consultancies, contractors, product manufacturers, local government, guarantee providers and facilities management companies
  • Facilitating new product development: idea generation/screening, concept testing, scale-up/production and routes to market
  • Testing services: laboratory-based conformance testing (structural and integrity tests, durability and weather resistance or wind serviceability), on-site testing (site and failure investigations, repairs validation, materials characterization/change of use) and failure analysis (wear, corrosion, chemical, fatigue, metallographic analysis)
  • Consultancy and R&D for the development and characterization of new materials, factory production control, environmental characterization and compliance with Building Control regulations and guarantee providers systems' acceptance
  • Serving clients around the world with laboratories and offices in the UK, the US and the Far East.

For the 28 years I have worked at Ancon, we have utilised Lucideon for the vast majority of our product testing. Lucideon provides a fast, friendly, efficient and confidential service and it’s expertise across masonry and concrete provides us with a one-stop shop for our testing requirements. Lucideon is acknowledged as the expert in its field and the team at Lucideon is always willing to offer advice and is proactive in helping us to find solutions especially in the development of new products. We feel we are not just a customer of Lucideon but more of a partner.

Stuart Maxwell, Group Managing Director, Ancon Building Products