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Webinar Recording

OFGEM Sustainability Audit "2015 lessons learnt"

Broadcast Date: 08 October 2015

The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the main support mechanism for renewable electricity projects in the UK and places an obligation on licensed UK electricity suppliers to source a growing proportion of the electricity they supply from renewable sources.

From 2015 the RO required an annual sustainability audit report to be prepared to an acceptable standard such as ISAE 3000. The standard also sets out specific points which must be addressed as part of the audit process. The verified sustainability audit report which is used by OFGEM to determine whether the organization has reported the data correctly, had to be submitted by 30 June or 31 May 2015, for some specific engagements involving bioliquids.

Now the dust has settled on 2015 reporting, it is a good time for our clients and auditors to reflect on the first year of verification. The webinar covers:

  • the key requirements of the audit
  • the main issues that were encountered
  • feedback received from our auditors and OFGEM

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