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Webinar Recording

ISO 50001 - Implementing an Energy Management System (EnMS) - Why and How?

Broadcast Date: 24 June 2014

Watch this webinar to discover the benefits of having an ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System (EnMS).

Would you like to:

  • find ways of using energy more efficiently?
  • potentially reduce your energy bills?
  • identify alternative energy sources?
  • limit your environmental impact?
  • prove to your stakeholders that you are committed to both efficiency and the environment?
  • focus on continual improvement?

Find out:

  • why energy management is now seen as a necessity for organisations both small and large
  • all about the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard - how it provides a framework and guidance to monitor, manage and potentially reduce energy consumption
  • how certification to ISO 50001 adds value to your EnMS – and how it improves your existing management systems.

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