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Building Materials Testing

European Technical Assessments for External Wall Insulation Systems

European Technical Assessments1 (ETAs) allow construction products that lack a harmonised European standard (hEN) to obtain a UKCA-CEM2 mark, which in turn grants access to all EU markets.

We are able to provide ETAs for External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems. The service incorporates product development, testing to EAD 040083-00-0404 requirements and Factory Production Control (FPC) certification3.

Once all of these factors have been fulfilled, the information generated is processed through a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and, if all the criteria are satisfied, an ETA is issued.

Benefits of Lucideon ETA issuance:

All development, product testing, FPC certification and ETA issuance is handled by one supplier

Fast service allows you to get your products to market quickly. ETA issuance is ruled by EOTA guidelines that include compulsory commenting periods that cannot be altered.

Extensive materials and product knowledge, gained from years of testing and consultancy enables us to identify problems before they become an issue.



1Since 2013, when the CPD was superseded by the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR), they are in use as European Assessment Documents (EAD) in accordance with Art. 66 of this Regulation. However, EOTA and the European Commission agreed that EOTA should convert all ETAGs into EADs.

This conversion comprised all ETAGs but ETAG 016, ETAG 021, ETAG 023, ETAG 024, ETAG 025, ETAG 031, ETAG 033 and ETAG 035. Please note that the mentioned ETAGs, which have come out of use by end of 2018, will only be developed in an EAD if a manufacturer requests an ETA for a product addressed by them.

2Lucideon entered in 2019 into an agreement with Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZUS) to ensure Lucideon's continuity programme for operation as a notified body under the Construction Products Regulations (EU) 305/2011 (CPR).

3Provided by Lucideon CICS Limited, part of the Lucideon Group.