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Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics – Materials Characterisation

Understanding how a material will perform in service is an essential step in designing products and bringing them to market. Characterising and analysing the microstructure of raw and post-processed materials are critical to understanding their physical properties. We provide qualitative, quantitative, and visual data to support a full understanding of the materials.

Problems can originate from contamination, bad material combinations, or poorly processed raw materials that have either out-of-specification (high) levels of undesirable elements or compounds present which can then cause issues such as colour changes upon firing.

Advanced Ceramics Characterisation

Our capabilities for materials characterisation of advanced ceramics lie within failure analysis, physical testing, fractography, and microscopy. 

This can help the client to:

  • Source the right material – finding the balance between robustness, functionality, effectiveness, and compatibility
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Develop new products and applications
  • Confirm the quality and purity of your materials
  • Solve material and product failures
  • Identify contaminants and determine where they have been introduced