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High Temperature Performance Testing - Advanced Ceramics

High Temperature Performance Testing of Advanced Ceramics

Advanced ceramics (sometimes going by the name technical ceramics or engineered ceramics) differ from traditional ceramics in the properties that they exhibit.

Past limitations, such as brittleness, have been addressed through the advent of composite structures and innovative processing routes. As developments continue to expand rapidly, the range of potential applications for advanced ceramics continues to grow. For over 100 years, we’ve been instrumental in fostering this growth through consultancy and testing of advanced ceramics.

For advanced ceramics that can be expected to be subjected to intense heat, it is essential that their behaviour will be consistent and predictable. Our high temperature testing suite incorporates a variety of thermal properties to ensure that your products are prepared for even the most extreme environments.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina


Thermal properties tested

Our testing suite includes thermal conductivity by fundamental and comparative gradient methods, linear expansion, pyrometric cone equivalent, permanent linear change, creep, and refractoriness-under-load (RUL) in compression tested to the international standards BS 1902/EN 993.

We are equipped to measure thermal conductivity up to 1400°C for dense refractories, solid and loose-fill insulation, or 1000°C for more conducting materials such as SiC (Silicon carbide) and those requiring a reducing or inert atmosphere. For more details, please contact our team.


Advanced ceramics, fit for application

We'll work with you to:

  • Select and formulate new technical ceramics materials and/or coatings
  • Develop novel materials for your particular application
  • Evaluate the performance of your material
  • Reduce costs while improving yields
  • Optimise the materials you're currently working with