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Integrated Materials Processing and Computational Techniques (IMPACT™)


Navigating material complexity

The future of technology hinges on one thing: materials innovation. Pushing the boundaries of what a product or system can achieve often requires new materials, or improvements to existing ones. Whether the goal is to reduce the cost of renewable energy, introduce multifunctionality to a previously simple component, or push the boundaries of extreme environmental endurance, a new product will be required.

Yet the road to new technologies and new products can be intangible, incredibly slow, and often leads to failure. This uncertainty can lead to wasted resources, missed deadlines and ultimately, products that fail to meet expectations.

Materials informatics and computational modelling can tackle this uncertainty in research spaces by reducing the cost of materials and process development cycles, with intelligent, data-driven solutions.

Introducing IMPACT™: Your Key to Materials Innovation

Imagine unlocking the power to:

  • Accelerate time-to-market with materials designed for your specific application
  • Optimise existing product to outperform your competition
  • Confidently explore a new material space or process knowing there will be value added to your business.

This is where Lucideon can help…with IMPACT™.

Case Study

Data-driven refinement of high-entropy ceramics with IMPACTTM

High-entropy ceramics offer great potential but are inherently complex and challenging. We have developed an in-depth understanding of these novel materials through our ongoing research, using the findings to develop the state-of-the-art through the following steps:

  • Defining the problem: Identifying target properties and refining the materials space.
  • Computational predictions: Leveraging IMPACTTM to predict the target properties of a vast number of potential materials candidates using fundamental modelling.
  • Experimental validation: Narrowing down the list of candidates based on domain expertise and subsequently producing and characterising the materials.

Leveraging IMPACT™ accelerated this process, pinpointing promising compositions faster than traditional trial-and-error approaches.

Case Study

Accelerating iCRTTM reformulation with AI-powered analysis

IMPACT harnesses the power of all sizes and complexities of data to streamline experimental processes, accelerate discovery and reduce development costs supercharging experiments that drive a deeper understanding.

Linking our customers iCRT platform with our IMPACT™ methodology, we processed vast numbers of data points to rationalise the best further experimentation to build the best model to optimise iCRT parameters. For example, parameters related to raw ingredients, processing steps of the carrier network and drug molecule, pH during hydrolysis, batch size, and link these to the output (in this case drug release behaviour).

Using IMPACT™ in this way proves its worth as an intelligent, data-driven technology which can in turn enhance other technologies.

Case Study

Optimising gel performance with data-driven insights

We excel at developing new formulations for consumer healthcare products. A client in the skincare industry wanted a crystal-clear gel with the perfect "feel" for consumer appeal. By analysing their historical data, our machine-learning models confirmed a component key for achieving transparency along with its required concentration. More surprisingly, the model indicated that texture and performance did not rely on one key parameter, but rather a balance of factors. This data-driven insight gave our client greater control over their product providing them with a solution that exceeded their expectations.

Lucideon uses this type of modelling to uncover hidden connections from pre-existing data. We can help you optimise performance, accelerate development and unlock the full potential of your product formulations.

The Lucideon Toolbox

Data and computational tools have been developed to provide guidance for navigating the unknown search space of new technology. However, these developments are not simple solutions. There is a wide range of techniques and ways to implement them. This has been the core of our approach to data analytics: to create synergy between physical experiments and computational work.

IMPACT™ accelerates innovation, connecting your team with insights that bridge materials and process knowledge gaps driving Lucideon’s vision: to make the world a materially better place. We’ve partnered with leading experts to support your entire materials development lifecycle, helping you realise the products of tomorrow.

Tailored to Business Needs

Simply downloading and “applying” advanced analytics to data via open-source or even commercial software won’t work. It needs to be customised to your business context and available data. Solutions need to be tailored specifically to your commercial needs, and the impact should be measured in business-relevant ways. Combining this platform with Lucideon’s domain knowledge and consultancy expertise can provide material solutions.

Our partner network

Designed to support development and optimisation projects in materials science at almost any point in the materials lifecycle, our extensive network of partners unlocks the power of a multitude of analytical techniques.

Each of our partners’ specialisations offers something slightly different to our toolkit. Together, we can support just about every aspect of materials development.

Compelling principles

Driving step-change solutions to enable more efficient materials, solving process challenges, and leveraging breakthrough developments in characterisation techniques, we combine computational, experimental, and synthesis methods with an aim to bring industry together, allowing our clients to excel, with assured, credible confidence.

Creating opportunity and solving challenges

If you are a cutting-edge organisation working to address one of the many materials development and processing optimisation challenges, IMPACT™ is a powerful solution. Combining materials technology, processes, and testing, our specialists deliver an intelligent data-driven platform, materials science expertise, and innovative thinking to solve materials issues.

Ready to move your organisation forward on its IMPACT™ journey?

Lucideon is an international, independent, materials technology company which helps organisations achieve their R&D goals. Using our materials expertise combined with our knowledge of applying computational modelling and data science across many industries, we are helping partners to solve challenges rapidly.

Innovating change

Our world-leading materials technology expertise is helping organisations globally to identify opportunities, leverage change, and achieve known and unknown computational solutions.
Start your IMPACT™ journey with us today.

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