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Looking for independent, robust, efficient aviation verification for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme? At Lucideon, we pride ourselves on our personal but professional service and on making the whole verification of aircraft emissions for EU-ETS as simple and straightforward for you as possible.

Thanks to our extensive experience of providing verification for EU ETS, we understand the compliance procedures required for both small and large emitters within the scope of EU ETS aviation.

So, whether you're a global aircraft operator or a business jet operator who needs to have their aircraft emissions verified, we can guide you through the rules and regulations to ensure that your data is reported on time and accurately.

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Why Choose Lucideon for EU ETS Aviation Verification?

We were the first verification body to receive accreditation from UKAS for EU ETS and we've verified $8 billion dollars of CO2 to date.

This means we are experts who:

  • can handle and sample huge amounts of complex data across global, multi-sited companies
  • know the EU ETS rules and regulations inside out (Lucideon verifies over 40% of the operators registered with the UK Environment Agency)
  • will complete your aircraft emissions verification quickly and efficiently, meaning that you will report on time and avoid possible penalties
  • can explain compliance procedures for both small and large emitters within the EU ETS aviation verification scope
  • have worked with international airlines and business jet operators to verify their flight CO2 emissions.

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  • White paper

    Emissions Verification in the Aviation Sector

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  • White paper

    EU ETS: Risk Assessments and Procedures

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