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Testing the Durability of Offsite Residential Buildings

Webinar Recording

For a modular or panel built home to be signed off by Building Control, and hence acceptable to a mortgage lender, the property must have a design life of at least two mortgage terms or 60 years. As with most aspects of modular construction, there is no standard external cladding detail or choice of exterior finish; manufacturers choose their own approach as to how the finished house should look and be constructed.

Due to the number of variations of finishes and fixing methods, there is not a "one fix fits all" solution to prove a system will have the durability to achieve a 60 year design life both aesthetically and physically.

Full systems require testing to the correct standard and must be tested as the complete system, and not as individual components making up the system. The appropriate testing regime will enable the system to be classed as acceptable for a design life of +25 years, however an additional study is required to allow the 60 year durability label to be applied. A comprehensive desk study considers the full detailing and all of the components and fixings used in the construction of the system.

This webinar outlines the different testing standards and techniques that are available to prove the performance of various systems and how these vary for different material combinations. A case study is used to explain the process of the 60 year desk study exercise and examine the limitations of component testing as compared to system testing.

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