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Advancing Vascular Devices Through Innovative Fatigue Testing & Particulate Evaluation

Broadcast Date: 30 September 2021

This webinar highlights how various changes in standards have affected the testing landscape for vascular devices and their delivery systems. As OEMs continue to see regulators asking for more data and greater justification in their processes, we look at what the standards are really asking for, and how to best meet the requirements for a variety of devices.

Dynatek's Director of Global Sales, Kendra Conti joins us as a guest presenter.

Dynatek is a specialist test house and manufacturer of testing equipment for cardiovascular devices. In more than a 40 year history, Dynatek has dedicated to designing and manufacturing testing equipment specifically to meet the needs of cardiovascular devices. They have been the first movers, time after time, to deliver new products to the market that enable the industry to test for ever changing and evolving standards.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What recent changes to standards mean for manufacturers and their testing requirements
  • The best process for selecting the right sample size for your device
  • Why larger devices are requiring particulate analysis evaluation, and the challenges they pose

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