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Hydrogen - Diffusion, Permeability, Hydride Formation and Metallic Embrittlement - Part 2

Broadcast Date: 18 October 2022

A Metallurgical Perspective on Hydrogen Issues

Part 2 - Hydride Formation & Embrittlement

The growing use of hydrogen in the energy industry sets in motion a myriad of metallurgical issues and problems. The metallurgical community has long been dealing with problems associated with hydrogen interaction with metals; from containment in its liquid state at cryogenic temperatures to its burning as a fuel at high temperatures and everything in between.

Part 2 of this webinar series addresses hydride formation and embrittlement. The dynamics of how hydrogen diffuses and infiltrates into a metal structure is shown. How the reactivity of hydrogen causes hydrides to form and coalesce in critical areas leading to embrittlement is discussed. How embrittlement is evaluated for particular metal systems is also shown. And finally, the preventative measures which can be implemented to prevent hydrogen embrittlement are presented.

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