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Single Tooth Restorations and Dental Treatments of the Future

Broadcast Date: 20 September 2018

This webinar discusses the challenges and drivers facing the dental industry, with a particular focus on caries.

Content summary

  1. The aetiology of caries
  2. Restoration classifications
  3. Treatments and the consequences of poorly done restorations
  4. Future dental treatment trends

We discuss the development of dental materials and technologies and why it is important to select and handle the material correctly, from production through to clinical application.

Consequences to patients, caused by incorrect material handling in processing, are not always seen by the manufacturer. Conversely, clinicians may not always understand the underlying properties that affect materials when not handled correctly in application. This webinar provides an overview of the importance of material selection and handling throughout the whole process of dental restoration. It provides a wider perspective and understanding of material properties and their impact at key stages of development and application.

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