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Locations - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Join us in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville houses our largest site by area in the US, after its recent expansion in 2020. Our world class metallurgical, machining, mechanical testing, and tribological laboratories are located here.

Our mechanical capabilities range from cryogenic at liquid nitrogen temperature, to high temperatures of 3000F / 1650C, situated at a facility that can provide custom and complex testing programmes for novel materials.

The metallurgical capabilities at Greenville operate characterisation equipment including SEM, XRD, and our Electron Microprobe. In combination with our metallurgical expertise, our expert analysis team interprets data to determine root causes of material failures.

Greenville is a growing, developing, and thriving city that offers riverside and street dining and recreation, with a vibrant atmosphere enhanced by friendly rivalries between local universities such as Clemson and University of South Carolina. It’s also within reach of Asheville, a short hop away in North Carolina, which is a hugely popular destination for weekend trips.

Lucideon Building Greenville