Thermal Expansion Measurement of Refractory Materials - Test Method - BS 1902:5


Determination of the expansion of refractory test bar with temperature by displacement, using a correction for instrumental expansion.

Applications and Benefits

Enables accurate expansion of components to be used in thermo mechanical modelling and plant design. Required for quality control for critical applications.


All high temperature applications involving refractory materials including:

  • Glass, cement, lime, ferrous and non-ferrous production
  • Incinerators, power plants, kilns, reactors, petro chemical plants
  • Heat treatment.

Form of Results

Measurement of expansion between temperatures as % or graphic representation. Contraction on cooling and cyclical heating can also be conducted.

Related Tests

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Creep
  • Refractoriness under load
  • Permanent linear change
  • MoR, MoE.

Similar Tests for Other Applications

BS 1902:1A Thermal expansion of tableware
ISO 10545 Thermal Expansion of Tiles.


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