Services Portfolio - Coatings

Functional Performance Innovation Materials Development Materials Selection Coating Characterization Process Optimization

Materials Development

We develop new coatings and improve existing ones through the application of materials knowledge, our expertise and commercial know-how.  Using comprehensive analytical capabilities and pilot scale facilities, we can quickly turn an idea into a product ready for market, by working closely with your team to develop materials with the required properties for the required applications.

Materials Selection

With a large array of materials available choosing the most appropriate for your application can be a difficult and lengthy process.  Lucideon’s material selection service uses multiple data sources, materials analysis and our extensive application knowledge to provide the best choice of coating for your application.

Coatings Characterization

It is important to understand your coatings, their composition, their key properties and how they interact with other materials in their environment.  With a world-leading advanced surface science center, comprising state-of-the-art analysis equipment, such as DSIMS, XPS and ToFSIMS, led by a team of materials experts, we can obtain elemental, compositional and structural information of any coating.  Chemical mapping and depth profiling are also available to add to characterize and understand coatings.

Process Optimization

Each stage of processing can affect your final product, leading to waste, reduced yields and increased costs.  At Lucideon, we have the expertise to optimize each stage to ensure you get the desired outcome, achieving the highest level of efficiency throughout and reducing faults and problems.

Functional Performance

Coatings can provide a high level of functionality to products.  Our experts provide detailed analysis to ensure your coating applications are consistent and fit for purpose, from looking at how they perform under variable or extreme conditions to measuring their performance against standards, specifications and tailored conditions.  We can also provide benchmarking of the performance of your coating against that of a competitor’s.  At ambient or elevated temperatures Lucideon provides the information you need.