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Company Profile

Lucideon is a development and commercialization organization (DCO), specializing in materials technologies and processes. Our application of cross-industry insight, materials science expertise and innovative thinking allows industry to develop and implement disruptive technology platforms, providing cost and / or product performance benefits and enabling real market differentiation. Lucideon utilizes its thousands of man years of experience in development, analysis and assurance to deliver significant competitive advantage to its customers.

In addition to a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers and commercial analysts, Lucideon has world-leading testing and characterization laboratories, a combination of pilot and feasibility plant and equipment and a management and certification division.

Lucideon Group Limited has three subsidiaries: Lucideon Limited headquartered in the UK; Lucideon M&P headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Lucideon CICS, its assurance division. All subsidiaries do business as Lucideon.

From our state-of-the-art facilities in the UK, US and the Far East, we provide customised solutions to help you measurably improve performance, profitability and sustainability – of your materials, products and of your business.

Our Service Portfolio Includes:

Materials & Process Consultancy - expertise across the whole product lifecycle to:

  • Aid product development
  • Optimize products and processes
  • Solve failures and prevent them from reoccurring
  • Develop the products and applications of the future.

Testing & Characterization – comprehensive testing package, analysis and support to:

  • Help you understand your materials and products better
  • Aid product development and performance improvement
  • Ensure products are fit for purpose and conform to regulations
  • Solve failures and prevent them from reoccurring.

Materials Technologies – expertise and knowledge coupled with innovation and invention to:

  • Develop the disruptive technologies of the future
  • Be first to market with the next generation of products
  • Be game-changes in your industry.

Technology Partnerships - knowledge, information and expertise to:

  • Help you develop new products and technologies
  • Improve performance of your products and processes
  • Solve your day-to-day challenges.

Assurance – quality assurance through conformance testing and management systems certification and assurance (through Lucideon CICS Limited) to:

  • Ensure your products are fit for purpose
  • To give your business credibility amongst stakeholders
  • Help you engender continuous improvement.

In the UK Lucideon is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013) and our Pharmaceutical/GMP Laboratories hold an MHRA Certificate of GMP Compliance (No. UK GMP 43644 Insp GMP/IMP 43644/10698843-0005, Dated:28/07/2020) for contract QC Testing of Human and Veterinary Medicines. The Lucideon Pharmaceutical/GMP Laboratories also hold a current FDA Certificate of Registration and were successfully inspected by FDA in Sep-2019.

In the US Lucideon is Nadcap-accredited and has 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance accreditation.

» Read more about our accreditations here

Lucideon is an independent, international materials technology company that focuses on innovation, sustainability and quality assurance of materials.

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