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Investment Casting of Ceramics: An Investment in Quality

Investment or ‘lost wax’ casting is a key process in the manufacture of high-quality engineering components such as orthopaedic implants. The process may be applied to a wide range of metals and alloys and can be used to produce both large and small castings. The application of investment casting has seen significant growth in the last 5 years with estimates placing the current market size at $US 8.6 billion and whilst US remains the largest single producer, Asian markets account for approximately 35% of this value.

This white paper examines the major issues involved with the investment casting process. The problems that can occur during pattern manufacture, shell moulding, de-waxing and casting is discussed and solutions to these problems are identified. 

The white paper also looks at some of the non-technical issues facing investment casting both now and in the future.

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