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Dr. Gilda Gasparini CEng MIChemE

Expertise in: Process development, scale up, controlled-release technology

Senior Chemical Engineer

A Chartered Chemical Engineer, graduated in Chemical Engineering at Universita' degli studi di Bologna with a special interest in process engineering and food applications. In 2005 Gilda moved to the UK and got her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University in 2009 focusing on controlled release technology and particle production.

Gilda Gasparini

After 8 years as product manager for a small company helping in the commercial launch of their novel flow reactor, Gilda joined Lucideon in 2016 as senior Chemical Engineer.

As part of the AMP Healthcare team, she has been involved in various process development and technology development projects covering pharma and consumer goods, but also the construction industry. Her expertise includes planning of the projects using Design of Experiments, execution (synthesis, formulation or testing) using various laboratory and pilot plant equipment, data analysis and presentation.

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