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Oil & Gas Industry

As an independent, third-party organization, providing verification testing of safety-critical components we’ve built a reputation for being a reliable, and environmentally conservative, strategic partner for private, public and government organisations. Our services range from component characterization, to material selection, new coating and product development, and failure analysis to supporting technology advances that will allow the access and harvesting of desirable energy sources.

Materials & Process Consultancy

  • Wear coating development
    Expert metallographic preparation of applied wear coatings is key to assessing coating material selection, homogeneity, bonding, interface interactions and effects from wear.
  • Process & repair qualifications
    Data and evidence that supports utilizing new techniques and procedures to provide high-quality, repeatable results.
  • Failure analysis
    Physical and chemical characterization to analyze failures in metallic and non-metallic materials. Our expertise in metallic materials encompasses analysis of corrosion, erosion, wear, fatigue, impact, heat treatment, castings, coatings and surface treatments, powder metallurgy, welding, brazing, component design, and the analysis of contamination.


  • Conventional & additive manufactured part qualification
    Comprehensive support services, including analysis of powder materials and raw stock, metallurgical evaluation, chemical analysis, mechanical property characterization, failure analysis and recommendations for improvement.
  • Metallographic cross-section examinations
    Imaging and analysis of a wide variety of materials, including metals, welds, brazes, coatings, ceramics, composites and concrete to examine grain size, microstructure, porosity, constituent distribution, phases, bonding interfaces, and dimensional measurements, all documented with high-quality photo macrographs and micrographs.
  • Component qualification testing
  • Third-party independent inspections and specification testing
    Verification the quality of materials and manufactured goods for sale, acceptance testing for OEM and regulatory compliance, and property validation for new product offerings.

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