MIDAR Technology - An Alternative to Cement in Construction Products

MIDAR is a revolutionary sustainable geopolymer technology that can be used to make solid or aerated building products.

What is MIDAR?

MIDAR is a geopolymerization technology that uses a chemical reaction to bond together alkalis and aluminosilicate materials (both of which can be sourced cheaply or from waste streams, e.g. fly ash, waste glass) to form a rigid inorganic material. This technology can therefore be used to make solid or aerated building products. Source materials can be in liquid or solid format and the intermediate uncured product can vary in viscosity depending on the constituents.

Building Products

Key Attributes and Benefits of MIDAR

  • Low temperature curing (<100°C) therefore no autoclave or kiln is required
  • Reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions
  • Utilises waste streams
  • High strength to density ratio, comparable to aerated concrete blocks
  • Solid and aerated products can be made
  • Current forming technologies can be used (casting, moulding, extruding, grinding)
  • Fire and frost resistant
  • Water and heat proof
  • Minimal shrinkage upon curing (near net shape)
  • Variable cure time - minutes to hours - depending on system needs.

New BSI Standard for Alkali-activated Cementitious Material

In March 2016, a new BSI standard (PAS 8820) was published to define raw material and product performance specifications to give manufacturers of construction materials the opportunity to develop products based on alkali activated cement technologies, safe in the knowledge that they comply with a European standard of approval. The standard refers to, and benchmarks against, a number of well used cement standards, ensuring consumer confidence in the new technology.

Prior to the publication of the standard, planning a route to the European market for alkali based cementitious construction products proved difficult; though technically proven to meet the requirements for many applications, there was a lack of acceptance by building standards.

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