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Dr. Mark Cresswell

Expertise in: Controlled-release technology, sol-gel methods, formulation science

Senior Scientist, Healthcare

Mark joined Lucideon in 2012 and is now a Senior Scientist within the company’s Advanced Materials and Processes group. As well as contributing to the development of Lucideon's iCRT technology platform (controlled release of actives and ingredients) and research programmes, Mark uses his materials chemistry expertise to lead on a range of client projects focused on materials synthesis, controlled release applications and formulation science across the pharmaceutical, consumer health, agrichemical and advanced ceramic sectors.

Mark Cresswell

Mark first worked with Lucideon in 2008 during a work placement and returned in 2012 after graduating from Keele University with a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. He also has an MChem in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Manchester. Mark's role focuses on developing innovative new materials for the healthcare sector, and in particular the use of novel inorganic-based drug delivery systems.

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