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Dr. Robert Crookes

Expertise in: Materials research and development, materials characterization, impact and high strain rate testing

Advanced Ceramics Technical Consultant

Robert has a PhD in the Development of Armour Materials and a degree in Design with Engineering Materials from Loughborough University. He is responsible for Advanced Ceramics consultancy and R&D at Lucideon.

Robert Crookes

Robert is responsible for both consultancy and R&D projects on advanced ceramics including ceramic composites, ultra-high temperature ceramics, thermal barrier coatings, additive manufacturing, ceramic electrode materials and more. He works closely with businesses in the aerospace, defence, and energy sectors to deliver high performance materials solutions.

He has a broad knowledge base in materials science, spanning the three major sectors of metals, polymers, and ceramics. He has expertise in the development of materials for vehicle armour, most notably nanocomposite ceramics and impact sensitive polymer composites. Accordingly, he has experience in ballistic, impact, and high strain rate testing. In metallurgy, Robert has performed failure analysis route cause investigations on high strength fasteners, rolling and sliding bearings, castings, welds, and case hardened components.

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