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Flash Sintering

Manufacturing cost reduction and energy efficiency are key priorities for many industries.

At Lucideon, the Flash Sintering (FS) group was set up following a call from the ceramics industry to help it to reduce high energy costs. With support from the Regional Growth Fund, we are commercializing an innovative processing technology to bring Flash Sintering from the laboratory to the factory floor.

Lucideon is the only facility in the world to have the capability for Flash Sintering technology development and demonstration at the manufacturing scale.

With Flash Sintering we aim to improve your competitive advantage and profitability by providing you with customized technologies to optimize your materials processing and end-product properties.

It is anticipated that the new technology will reduce the cost of ceramics manufacture via reduction in kiln / furnace temperature and sintering times.

It should also allow the sintering of novel materials, enabling new products to be developed, especially in those sectors that use technical ceramics, such as the healthcare sector, electroceramics and defence sectors.

Applications of Flash Sintering

Healthcare Advanced Materials Traditional Ceramics
Application Orthopaedic Implants Optical devices, electroceramics Tiles, tableware, sanitaryware
(all three relevant to all sectors)
To improve materials properties Reduce processing costs/time whilst maintaining material properties To reduce high production costs and CO2 emissions

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