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You need to stay ahead of the game, be first to market and gain a competitive advantage through developing the next generation of products, processes and applications. Our aim is to help you do just that.

At Lucideon we lead the way in the development of novel materials technologies. We work collaboratively; partnering with you to adapt our novel technology platforms to your products and applications. And, if you’re developing technologies of your own, our R&D team works with you to optimise and bring them to market quickly.

Our scientists and engineers have worked on many projects across a diverse range of industries; it’s their knowledge and experience that allows us to cross-fertilize technologies, supported by state-of-the-art testing and characterization laboratories and pilot scale-up facilities.

We have a number of proprietary technology platforms:

How we work:

  • You tell us what you are trying to achieve and why – both strategically as a business and specifically for your project.
  • We hold an innovation session internally to brainstorm ideas and form some options, selecting the most experienced scientists in the application to work on the project
  • We discuss those technology options with you, highlighting pros and cons and gaining feedback on which are most relevant to your need.
  • We perform a feasibility study to prove the platform is viable.
  • Lucideon works with you from start to finish to implement the new technology and process into your product portfolio – starting with development scientists to design the prototype, then transferring the technology to engineers to scale up the process, and finally to process engineers to implement it into your manufacturing line – we know what you need to do to make our technology work!
  • … and then we start on the next one!

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