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Flash Sintering

With support from the Regional Growth Fund, we are commercializing an innovative processing technology to bring Flash Sintering from the laboratory to the factory floor.  We are the only facility in the world to have the capability for Flash Sintering technology development and demonstration at the manufacturing scale.

With Flash Sintering we aim to improve your competitive advantage and profitability by providing you with customized technologies to optimize your materials processing and end-product properties.

It is anticipated that the new technology will reduce the cost of ceramics manufacture via reduction in furnace temperature and sintering times.

It should also allow the sintering of novel materials, enabling new products to be developed, especially in those sectors that use technical ceramics, such as the healthcare sector, electroceramics and aerospace and defense sectors.

Our FS team consists of researchers, engineers and consultants all with ceramics materials expertise.

We are very familiar with the materials and components, operating environments and sintering mechanisms associated with ceramic materials.  Our main assets are two fully equipped laboratories for prototyping and a unique 25 meter industrial gas combustion kiln.  Its accessible roof and the modular frame allow modifications and adaptations to specific project designs.  It can operate at temperatures up to 1200°C in reducing atmospheres.

We routinely provide development and evaluation services to a vast range of industries:

  • Advanced ceramics for the biomedical industry
  • Technical ceramics for the aerospace, defense and automotive sectors
  • Composite materials
  • Tileware and high volume ceramics
  • Sanitaryware.

We also actively assist manufacturers who want to scale up or retro-fit their systems.

» More detailed information about Flash Sintering can be found here on our corporate site.

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