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Examples of Surface Analysis Work

Our surface analysis experts have helped clients across many different industries to solve their surface and coating challenges.  Here are some examples of some of the work that we've done.

  • Analysis of Wax Vapours By GCMS Analysis
  • Analysis of Aluminum-Coated Foil Samples
  • Analysis of Brown Staining on a Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Ring
  • Analysis of Ceramic Fabric Samples
  • Analysis of Titanium Blades
  • Analysis of Four Bearing Samples
  • Investigation of Top-Coat Preparation to Assess Potential for Silicone Contamination
  • Analysis of a Surface 'Bloom' on a Coated Aircraft Canopy
  • Analysis of Inclusions in Multi-layer Coating on Acrylic Canopy
  • Determination of the Cause of Failure of HfOX/SiOX Multilayer Coatings
  • Investigation into the Cause of Paint Delamination Failure
  • Investigation into the Cause of the Haziness within an Acrylic Laminate Screen
  • Investigation of the Interfacial Failure on a Coated Acrylic Sheet
  • Comparative Analyses of the Coatings on Two Acrylic Aircraft Windscreens
  • Investigation into Coating Failure on Windscreen Glass
  • An Investigation into Coating Failure on an Engine Cylinder Bore
  • Investigation of rotor blade shield strap disbondment
  • Investigation of disbondment of elastomer seal from a steel gasket
  • Surface Characterization of a Treated Alloy for Cleanliness Validation
  • Characterization of Plasma Nitrided Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Analysis of Diesel Engine Cams and Followers
  • Investigation of Brake Pipe Corrosion
  • Solderability Testing of capacitors
  • Analysis of Alloy Batteries
  • Surface Analysis of Epoxy Resin
  • Analysis of Glaze Composition
  • Analysis of Surface Oxidation on Polyethylene Coated Milk Cartons
  • Investigation of Coating Detachment
  • Analysis of a Coated Lens
  • Surface Analysis of Naturally and Artificially Discoloured uPVC
  • Identification of the Cause of "White Staining" of Silicon Wafers
  • Analysis of Biocide Coating samples
  • Analysis of Treated Dentine
  • Analysis of Hair Samples
  • Analysis of Washed Repellent Coated Textiles
  • Analysis of Four Hair Swatches Treated with Different Conditioners
  • Surface Analysis of Tiles Treated with Toilet Cleaning Products
  • The Characterization of Glazed Tile Surfaces using Surface Analysis Techniques
  • Investigation of Delamination in Floor Tiles
  • Surface Composition / Silicone Distribution Studies on Four Dental Palates
  • Analysis of Contact Lenses
  • Investigation of the surface chemistry of coated paper
  • Surface Analysis of Blemishes on the Inner Surfaces of Aluminum Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Cans
  • Analysis of Staining on a Femoral Head
  • Analysis of Phosphorous in Silicon Wafer Structures
  • Comparative Surface Analysis of Two Coated Polyester Films
  • Cleanliness Evaluation of Stainless Steel Plates
  • Quantitative Analysis of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Wear Particles
  • Evaluation of Old and New Passivation Processes for CoCr Stents
  • Identification and Assessment of Discoloration Inside Concrete Paver
  • Analysis of Two Uncoated Catheters
  • Analysis of Treated Tooth Enamel
  • Analysis of Swimming Pool Tiles
  • Analysis of Foreign Material on Titanium Implants
  • Analysis of Enamel Material Loss After Brushing/Erosion Studies
  • Surface Analysis of Silicone Rubber Coated Nitinol Stents
  • Development of a Protocol for the Analysis of Deposits on Aluminum and Steel Pistons from Engine Tests
  • Investigation into the Discolouration of the Inner Surface of an Acetabular Cup
  • Surface Roughness Analysis of Femoral Knee Component Replicates
  • Surface Analysis of Staining on Titanium Hip Stem
  • Analysis of Laser-Marked Surgical Instruments
  • Investigation of the Penetration of Chemicals into Hair Fibres
  • Analysis of Dental Powders
  • Analysis of Calcium Residues in Carbon Fibre Cloths
  • Analysis of Cracked and Reference Manifold Components
  • Surface Roughness Analysis of Coated Titanium Discs
  • Analysis of Cellulose and Cellulose Acetate Films
  • Analysis of Staining on a Solid Additive Manufactured Ti64 Part
  • Analysis of Carbonaceous Material from a Used Motor Oil Filter
  • Investigation into the Premature Failure of Circuit Boards
  • Analysis of Oil Samples and Diesel Fuel Sample
  • Investigation into the Variable Adhesion of Battery Labels
  • Surface Analysis of Staining on Cranial Perforator Inner Drill Blades
  • Analysis of Washed Repellent Coated Textiles.
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