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Test Suites - Glass Industry Example

Below are examples of test suites for the glass industry.  The list of tests in each suite is by no means exhaustive; test suites can be devised to suit each application.

Glass Industry Related Tests:

  AZS Refractories:

  • Dynamic corrosion resistance
  • Exudation
  • Stoning potential
  • Blister potential
  • Hydrogen diffusivity
  • Thermal expansion (dilatometry) up to 1600°C
  • Thermal shock resistance.

  Comparative Assessment of Tin Bath Blocks for the Glass Industry:

  • MOR
  • Hydrogen diffusivity
  • Proof Test
  • Resistance to soda
  • Thermal expansion
  • Static modulus of Elasticity
  • Air Permeability.

Data required for Finite Element Analysis:

Thermal profile:

  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Emissivity.

Stress profile:

  • Poisson's ratio
  • Density
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Creep
  • Stress / strain behaviour.

As well as the wide range of BS, European, EN, ISO, ASTM and in-house standard tests, we can devise customized tests to meet clients' needs.

At Lucideon, testing and consultancy go hand-in-hand.  As such, we don't just provide test results, we offer expert data interpretation, should it be required, so that our clients can achieve the required outcomes, quickly and cost-effectively.