Polymer Shelf Life Prediction

Predicting the shelf life of your product is important for manufacturers, exporters, importers and end users alike.  Being able to accurately and quickly determine the shelf life of your product can help you to get your product to market faster and provide peace of mind that your product will last.

We can perform testing to support product and packaging claims and also to provide data for product development.  With our product shelf life analysis you can determine how your products will perform over time and then develop better materials, packaging and storage methods to help optimize your product, bringing benefit to your customers.  With advanced life expectancy of products you not only provide customer satisfacton but also increase the safety of your product in use.

At Lucideon we can test your product's life expectancy in different environments and under different conditions to determine the best parameters for storage.  Using our advanced analytical techniques coupled with accelerated ageing capabilities you can be confident that your products will last as long as possible.

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