Polymer Failure Analysis

Finding the root cause of failures quickly is essential. We can help to determine and solve failures at all stages of the product lifecycle:

  • During materials selection - are materials fit for purpose?
  • During design - why is the prototype not performing as it should?
  • During manufacture:
    • product failures
    • yields - identify why yields are sometimes high/low
    • contaminations - where have contaminants been introduced and what are they?
  • During use - why is the product showing early signs of fatigue?

Using the latest in testing and characterization techniques we can determine the root cause of failures due to:

  • UV, high energy irradiation (gamma-ray)
  • Chemical & environmental factors
  • Unknown defects
  • Materials changes or incorrect material selection
  • Processing variation
  • Long term loading
  • Incorrect short and/or long term shelf-life setting.

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